About Us

The FLA Energy Forum is a growing community of concerned citizens committed to two goals – achieving energy security for our country and holding our elected officials more accountable in shaping energy policies.

We understand Florida's unique energy challenges and are working to unite a diverse group of Floridians to better educate ourselves about energy issues and to support a balanced approach to increasing American supplies of energy.  We support expanded conservation efforts, development of renewable energy sources and increased domestic exploration of traditional energy sources.

A statement from Nicolas Gutierrez, the Florida Energy Forum's volunteer chairman:

As a nearly life-long resident of the Sunshine State, I understand Florida’s potential to be an energy hub, due to its vast resources offshore and abundance of natural elements. Florida is the fourth most populous state, and its energy consumption is among the highest in the country. The most sensible solution to our energy crisis is an increase of our supply, through a well-balanced approach that includes domestic exploration of our natural resources, as well as renewable energy development. For this reason, I am proud to be a part of the Florida Energy Forum, which strives to address the growing challenge of energy security through a non-partisan, comprehensive and balanced approach.