Energy Facts

Below are facts about Florida energy:

  • Florida's oil and natural gas industry supports 286,800 jobs
  • The oil and natural gas industry adds $23 billion to Florida’s gross state product, or 3.1% of its wealth.
  • Florida was second only to Texas (2015) in net electricity generation, and third in the nation in electricity consumption (behind Texas and California). 
  • America’s oil and natural gas industry supports 10.3 million jobs throughout the economy and 7.6 percent, or $1.3 trillion, of GDP (2015).
  • Florida non-gas station employee average salaries ar about 50% higher than the state's average salary ($65,806 vs. $44,051).
  • The oil and natural gas industry delivers tens of millions of dollars in revenue to government every day.
  • Renewable energy accounted for 2.3% of Florida’s total net electricity generation in 2015. Nearly nine-tenths of that renewable power came from biomass.
  • Five-sixths of the natural gas consumed in Florida is used to generate electricity, and natural gas fuels nearly two-thirds of Florida's net electricity generation.
  • Transportation accounts for 36% of energy use in Florida, costing citizens millions of dollars every year. The vast majority of transportation energy (97% to 99%) is derived from petroleum.