Energy Security

We live in an increasingly complex world in which increased reliance on foreign energy sources is a threat to our energy security - and national security.

An important part of the equation is building a diverse supply of new energy sources, which is why the oil and gas industry are making major investments in alternative energy sources.  But those energy sources alone aren’t enough to meet America’s rising energy demands.

Today, different sectors of the economy rely on certain forms of energy. Transportation is largely fueled by oil, while electricity generation is powered by coal, nuclear, natural gas and renewables.

Looking ahead a quarter century from now, this is not expected to change, which means each energy source, from oil and natural gas to solar and wind energy; from coal and nuclear to hydropower, geothermal and biomass - will remain essential to successfully meet America’s future energy needs.

And we do not want to rely on country's who do not share our best interests to supply that energy.