Offshore Energy

Florida’s offshore oil and natural gas resources can increase energy security, drive new jobs, and add billions of dollars in government revenue to fund schools, roads and more. 

Looking out along the Florida coastline, one sees endless waves.  The ocean waters hold a rich treasure which can help ensure America’s energy security.  The oil and natural gas in the 24.2 billion acres off the coastline of Florida would create thousands of new jobs and add billions to state and federal coffers.

Based on the latest seismic and drilling technologies, there are more than 5 billion barrels of oil and more than 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas off the shores of Florida.


Jobs on the Shores of Florida

The oil and natural gas industry today supports 286,000 jobs in Florida alone.  These jobs add $23 billion to Florida’s gross state product - that's 3% of its wealth.

Development of the oil and natural gas resources off the coastline would result in thousands of new well-paying jobs, add investments to the state, and potentially millions in state revenue.  It would also help reduce our dependence on oil from nations who do not share our values or our interests.

With the advent of new technologies such as 3D and 4D seismic imaging, subsea technologies and more advanced drilling methods, our nation can drastically increase the amount of recoverable resources - and also create new, well-paying jobs for individuals. 



Extensive resources have been devoted to safety, drawing on the best minds from the industry and government to build a multi-layer system, with many built-in redundancies to help prevent incidents, to intervene and stop a release that might occur, and to manage and clean up spills.

The U.S. oil and natural gas industry constantly reviews their offshore safety measures and operations to identify areas for improvements in spill prevention, intervention and response capabilities.  Since the Macoondo incident in 2010, many standards have been either revised or newly created, including standards on well design, blowout prevention equipment, subsea equipment, and worker safety.


We Must Start Now

Developing these rich offshore resources takes time.  We need to make good decisions now to to create the jobs, revenues and energy that Florida and our nation needs today and for decades to come